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When you purchase real property, it is sometimes hard to know what you are actually purchasing because interests in the property may have been documented or transferred improperly. Mistakes and oversights in prior transactions can result in those interests remaining in property you own or are purchasing.

Real estate law has become very complex in modern times covering issues beyond simple possession of land and structures. To add to the complexity, the laws of each state and city are not consistent nor are the regulations that govern issues such as title or deed disputes.

Having a clear title is critical, particularly when seeking financing for property acquisition and the sale of a property. Some of the issues can develop under a number of different circumstances, such as the failure by a mortgagor, proper release of lien, impropriety in a deed or in the recording of a deed.

Whatever your situation, you can benefit from our experience as we help in finding workable solutions to your deed problems.

Here at the Velazquez Law Firm we listen carefully to your needs and your goals, understand your issues, and discover the root of the conflict that surrounds your title. We are fully prepared to protect your rights, and will be committed to reaching the best legal outcome for your case.

San Antonio, Texas Title Defect Attorney

If there are issues pertaining to ownership, rights over your property, or a property you are seeking to purchase, we can help resolve these complicated matters.

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