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Creating a will is an essential step in protecting your assets and the future of the people you love.

Wills are legal documents that list instructions that legally must be carried out after death. A will does not avoid the probate court process at death. However, with a will, you can direct the distribution of your assets, both money and property, after you have passed away. Your will becomes irrevocable after your death, and therefore, your instructions in the will must be carried out by the executor.

Without a Will, your assets will be distributed according to state law.  In many cases, clients are surprised to learn how different state law is from what they would have wished. For example, if you have a spouse and children, assets would be divided between them, instead of to your spouse first, as most people would expect and want.

If you or a loved one are of the opinion that a last will and testament was not executed properly or the person who created the will would not have intended the division of property in which the way it currently stands, there may be an opportunity to challenge a will.

Retain a Will Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas

Should you require a will to be prepared on your behalf, it is advisable to retain an attorney concentrating on estate planning. Although a last will and testament can be drafted by an individual who is not a lawyer, it is recommended an attorney provides their involvement because they have the knowledge and experience in understanding what constitutes as a valid will.

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