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Probate is the legal procedure in which the probate court assumes jurisdiction over the assets of someone who has died. The court supervises the payment of debts, taxes, and probate fees, and supervises the distribution of the remainder to the persons named in a will, or to the legal heirs if there is no will.

Probate may not be necessary if a deceased person had a properly drafted and funded trust. However, trust administration is necessary.

The Velazquez Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients understand the steps that must be taken during the probate process. Without proper assistance, it can become extremely complicated, especially with large estates, and certain property could be distributed in ways that conflict with the family’s wishes.

The most common complications to probate include not having a will, legal challenges of a will, and complex estates.  The amount of pleadings and documents required can be overwhelming, court hearings can quickly rise from a few to many, and the many issues that surface can be disastrous to the beneficiaries and families involved.

When you have the right probate lawyer by your side, the burdensome process of probate goes from fearful to hopeful.  We can explain what the probate process entails, what happens in and out of court, and resolve any disputes that may arise between beneficiaries or non-beneficiaries who allege to have a claim to the assets of the estate.

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