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The administration of an estate or trust requires careful planning. Many decisions with substantial financial implications, difficult at any time, must be made during a period of mourning.

Estate and trust administration are important aspects of ensuring that an individual’s wishes are followed after his or her death and that his or her beneficiaries are protected.

The primary objectives of estate and trust administration are preserving estate and trust assets and minimizing tax liabilities. Estate and trust administration can have significant financial consequences for both current and future beneficiaries

If you have been named executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, or as successor trustee of a trust, you want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process.

The trustee has a duty to appropriately administer the trust, which includes notifying trust beneficiaries, collecting and investing trust assets, paying debts, and addressing tax issues. Fulfilling these requirements often takes significant time, effort and knowledge of trust law.

We can help a trustee fulfill their obligations. We will carefully review the trust, so that we can identify your duties, and will help you oversee the distribution of assets. We will also file any reports required by law of by the probate court.

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